Galleria Katariina, Helsinki


Ribbons on the frying pan, broken structures and pins on the floor. Glass roof and dismantled seams in the cityscape.


Painting series of Ratkoja looks at feminine as ignored alterity. The references of the subject are suggestive of female-dominated profession – sewing. Paintings emerge as symbolic and experiential narration, where different spaces and realities are combined to find different meeting points. 


Stitching tools left in the drawer appears on the images, amongst other things. They are like hidden resources or values that have not yet been properly seen - acts left in the women's box. As a repeating element, there is a soft and cheerful looking pincushion, which sharp objects strike against. Stitching and tearing apart are also present. Some structure tries to find new shapes. Eventually it goes to the knot under the sewing machine's presser foot and the progress is not possible anymore. 


Tearing painting style combines a sensitivity, tranquility and traces of the presence. Speed and stagnation alternate. As something would gradually move, the passivity would become an activity, the solver would get answers. Eventually, the inwardly turned spikes will point outwards, and can transform into another energy.

Go, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 131 x 145 cm

Ulkopuolinen avaruus katoaa, The Outer Space Disappears, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton

Voimavaroja, Resources, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 24 x 18 cm

Hälveneminen, Fading Away, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 23,5 x 29,5 cm

Käännekohta, Turning Point, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 75 x 145 cm

Huolehtija, Care-taker, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 39 x 60 cm

Osoitettu paikka menettää merkityksen, The Designated Place Loses Its Meaning, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 75x145 cm

Kaava muuttuu, Formula Changes, 2019, gum arabic tempera, oil, beewax, agar-agar, cotton, 140 x 140 cm

Jokin muu, Some Other, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton,16 x 16 cm

Kiertyneet, Twisted, 2019, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton

Eteneminen totutulla tavalla ei onnistu, Progress in the Accustomed Way Fails, 2019, gum arabic tempera, oil, agar-agar, cotton, 30 x 39,5 cm 

Photos: Hanna Råst