Waiting for Your Performance

Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki

11.7. – 5.8.2018

A large part of the image is covered by a withered and decaying tree trunk with gradually

disappearing birds, painted in simplified outlines, on its branches. Bright yellow earth glows

beneath the tree like a warning traffic sign.

Approximately 18 million birds die each year from flying against a window or other man-made

structures. At the same time, a large number of urban glass structures are broken as a result of

the erratic human mind. A fist hits the glass wall of a bus stop. There is a structure in-between.

Something is behind it. We see glimpses, but it fumbles away. It seems impossible to overcome

the obstacles in front of it.

The obstacle is like a black hole. Our eyes repeatedly seek to find it as if our minds were

enchanted or had even observed something sacred. It is in the center. It consumes our attention

from our surroundings – everything seems to originate from it. On the one hand we rest upon it,

and on the other we cannot stop even for a moment.

Beneath it the bright yellow earth glows like a warning traffic sign.


Unreachable, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 140 x 160 cm

Disappearing Birds and the Obstacle, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 127 x 180 cm


Getting Together, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 144 x 144 cm 

Today is a Royal Bus, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 121 x 95 cm

Glowing Yellow Earth like a Warning Traffic Sign, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 145 x 110 cm


 Searching for Empathy, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 160 x 180 cm 

Waiting for Your Performance, 2018, arabic gum tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 160 x 120 cm

 We See Glimpses, But it Fumbles Away, 2018, gum arabic tempera, agar-agar, cotton, 120 x 173 cm